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Certified Since April 2008
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Elizabeth Frost

Liz considers herself one of the luckiest runners in the world. Having suffered from the “I’m not a runner” syndrome for most of her life, her luck changed when she was able to learn the ChiRunning and Chi Walking techniques from Danny on the tracks and trails around Asheville, NC beginning in 2008.

Learning the Chi techniques transformed her from a “I have to do this” kind of runner to a “I can’t wait to go run!” kind of runner. A long-standing sciatic nerve issue no longer bothers her, and walking & standing for long periods of time is now a pain-free experience, thanks to Chi Walking.

Much to the disbelief of some of her triathlete buddies from college, Liz became a Certified ChiRunning & Chi Walking Instructor in 2009, and now teaches these life-changing techniques any chance she can, including patients in her role as a family practice PA.

She successfully completed her first half marathon (Houston Half Marathon) in January 2009—after only 6 months after becoming a runner—the Biltmore Estate/Kiwanis Club 15K in May 2010, and PR’d at the Asheville Half Marathon, Sept. 18, 2010 in 2:00:53. She ran the Houston Half Marathon (again) in January 2011 on short notice, but finished with a smile on her face and no pain or injuries. She completed the Cradle to Grave 30K Trail race in May of 2013, which she finished with lots of muddy and wet clothing, but without injury! Since then, Liz has completed the Art Loeb Trail (50K), the Frosty Foot 30K and a handful of other events, but mostly just loves running in the woods with friends and her dog Oliver.

Liz is grateful for the body awareness and depth of experience ChiRunning and Chi Walking have provided her: “I have learned that I am in control of my body, and that I have a choice—every time I move my body—to move it in an efficient and pain-free way. I have discovered a love for running that I previously thought would never be mine, and I am amazed at how much I have learned about myself and my body in the process of learning to Body Sense.”

Liz is available for group or individual instruction, and welcomes the opportunity to speak with anyone who has questions about ChiRunning or Chi Walking. She can be reached at: ehfrost@gmail.com.

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