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Ed Malley

Like all good stories, that of my introduction to running involves a woman……But we’ll save that story for another day. Suffice to say, I love running. More importantly, I LOVE TEACHING ChiRunning and ChiWalking. There is nothing like the end of a workshop when students leave knowing they have the tools to dramatically improve their energy efficiency and to reduce, even eliminate, injuries! A recent email from a student says so much: “Dear Ed, It feels so weird to run without pain! Thank you!!”

Yes, I have done my share of 10Ks, half- and full marathons…Road, trail and beach…Led training programs for a national brand running store…Am up on nutrition and hydration issues…Even injury treatments like trigger point. And I am convinced that the single most important step one can take is to adopt the principles of ChiRunning or ChiWalking which will instill efficiency of motion and dramatically reduce the impact of running or walking on the body.

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What others are saying...

Today I did my first Chi long run (a 10-miler) and it felt great! For most of the run I felt like I could keep going forever. When I reached the end, my muscles and joints felt quite unfatigued. It was really enjoyable. Thanks again for showing us the light.

In addition to the great coaching session, I really appreciated the thorough summary and videos I received after the session. It was great to have a detailed summary in one place that I can review and apply to my future runs.  I am confident the techniques and behaviors I learned during the workshop will be valuable to me in the years to come as it will help me run pain-free and keep running for as long as I want.

I am so happy to Chi running now.  My cadence goes up to about 180 and I feel running lighter and smoother.  I am enjoying running much more than before.  I don’t have any race coming up right now and just enjoy summertime morning running.  I would definitely love to come to your level II class to learn more.

(Note: This testimonial is longer than most, but worth the read. Sent to me a month after the Chi Running Workshop.)

On Sat, I just completed the Dick Collins Firetrails 50 miler run in the East Bay hills, and more importantly, I ran it under 11 hours (11 hours is the requirement for getting into the Western States 100 mile lottery). It was a really, really difficult 50 miler – mostly steep climbs and descents – all the way from San Leandro along the east bay hills, up to the ridge above Berkeley and then all the way back.
It was really hard for me to do much “Chi Running”, but, I hit the turn-around (25 miles in 5 and 1/2 hours (trail running is very slow when it is mostly steep hills). I had absolutely “dead” legs, and my hamstrings were about to cramp badly and yet I knew I would obviously have to run EVEN HARDER on the way back in order to break 11 hours. There were some rolling hills of short duration (maybe 3 – 4 miles max) where I knew I could push it harder, but only if I could do with very MINIMAL ENERGY expenditure (hamstrings were about to explode by mile 35 so I knew I could not do traditional running on them). So on those rolling hills, especially under the giant redwoods, I made my “column”, abs/core tight and flat, got my lean going, legs bent, arms at 90* with short pumping for propulsion, lower body relaxed and I just let the trail come to me, picking up cadence and just put each foot back under my body as I kept the lean going…. And guess what??? IT WAS almost EFFORTLESS and I was FLYING!! (Felt like I was flying) and I was passing runners right and left from mile 37 to the end at mile 50, and I was doing this after 9 hours of running! And more importantly, I DID NOT CRAMP because I WAS NOT PUSHING THAT HARD with my legs…I was CHI RUNNING…well, probably not exactly Chi Running, but what I learned definitely helped, because I finished in 10:32 (10 hours and 32 mins) so I ran the second half 1/2 hour faster than the first half. And now I can enter WS100 mile lottery this fall!!
San Leandro, CA

Thanks for the pictures and thanks for the workshop. Was fun, inspirational and very instructive. I actually went for a 10k run at Almaden Quicksilver Park just after the workshop and tried to work on the different things. Came out from the run feeling very refreshed and not sore at all. Actually shaved 3 min from the time I got at the same place last week even though experiencing the run as less strenuous.

Thanks for sending the videos and the additional pointers. Once again, I feel it very helpful and informative.

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