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Diane Potter

Diane Potter went through a really tough divorce and child custody battle. She found herself depressed, alone, and weighing nearly 300 lbs. She was worried if she didn’t get healthy, her kids might find her dead.

After cutting out the sweets and junk food, Diane knew she should exercise. But what to do? She had never considered herself an “athletic” person. She had tried personal trainers, gyms and group fitness activities but struggled to find enjoyment. So she started walking. The walks got longer and Diane wondered what it felt like to run. She got the couch to 5K app and started jogging at night so no one would see the “fat lady” bounding down the street. Thirty second intervals of slow jogging felt like torture, but she realized something: she was stronger than she had thought, and best of all, she used the time to think through her feelings and began purging herself of the hurt, anger and loneliness she felt.

As Diane started running more, she experienced the brutal pain of shin splints. She spent hours reading every article she could get her hands on about running injuries. Luckily for her, Danny Dreyer was in town for a ChiRunning workshop. Diane attributes this workshop to transforming not only her running, but her life. By practicing ChiRunning, Diane got faster and all the aches and pains subsided. Running no longer felt like torture—it was fun! She started running 5Ks, which led to 10Ks. Could she run a half marathon? Heck yes! Can you believe this “fat lady” even ran a full marathon?

Best of all, Diane lost 105 lbs.

Diane still struggles with her weight, like so many of us do. But she realized her weight doesn’t define who she is. Diane describes herself as a runner, her kids’ hero, and the best possible version of herself she can offer to the world.

If you’re new to running, have weight to lose, or are just scared to start and don’t know where to begin, Diane is here to help. Even seasoned runners will benefit from her passion about how to move more efficiently and injury free through ChiRunning. If you’re ready to make a life change, reach out to Diane to start your own journey!

More information about Diane’s running journey can be found here:

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