David Stretanski

Red Bank Area, Monmouth County NJ

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Certified Since March 2007
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David Stretanski

David Stretanski is an avid natural health and fitness advocate/coach. After transforming his own posture, fitness and health, he now shares the approaches and principles he has learned and implemented with others.

David became a Certified ChiRunning®/ChiWalking® Instructor in March 2007. He first became a student of posture fitness eight years earlier after 10+ years of pain and discomfort from poor posture and limited mobility. As he improved his posture he started a running program that soon resulted in over two years of inconsistent running due to injury. In the fall of 2005, a suggestion led him to ChiRunning. He has been running ever since with zero injuries; and increasing levels of efficiency and enjoyment.

David’s Coaching/Instruction schedule is in general currently limited to private instruction in the Red Bank NJ Area.

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