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Constanza L Lisdero

My entire life has been about the outdoors, rock climbing in Patagonia, sailing, hiking and always running. A few years ago I started swimming and became a decent swimmer and even joined a Masters Swimming Team. My running story is that I would run 3 miles 3 times a week and I would be fine. If I ever tried to do 5 or 6 miles I would fall apart! Knees, calfs, shins… something would give, I was in good aerobic shape and yet I could not even attempt to run any reasonable long distance… There had to be something to it… just making more effort and enduring the pain could not be the answer. From my experience in swimming, where everything is about mechanics and techniques and less effort, I started looking around for someone to teach me good running mechanics, I came across a Chi-Running website, signed up for a workshop that that started in 2 days and went for it. It was the best workshop I could have ever done. I have been practicing Chi-Running and Chi-Walking for the last few years, I can now run as far as I want, no more pains and a lot of gains! I am currently training for Berlin Marathon and happy as can be with no aches! Please contact me if you want experience efficient and painless running and walking. I am available for group or private workshops. Wishing you the best run ever!

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