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Brian Segal

How does the human body travel through space? This is the question that drives longtime ChiRunning Instructor Brian Segal.  Brian grew up in the San Francisco Bay area running on the beaches and on the coastal mountain trails of California. He studied Environmental Design at UC Santa Cruz, and spent 30 years designing and building Solar Homes. His father was a Fencing Maestro and Brian also became a Maestro, competing, teaching, and coaching at Montana State University. He also taught skiing for many years. More recently, his Yoga Practice became a career, and he is now a Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor, and teaches at YogaMotion Wellness Center.

Brian stopped running after tearing his ACL in 2002.. Three knee surgeries and five years later, he decided to start running again. He decided to learn to run again using the ChiRunning principles. After so many years of teaching good posture and how to move from their center, ChiRunning seemed to be the natural extension of what he was already teaching about movement theory in Fencing and Yoga.

“I love to Chi Run! It makes me happy when I am stressed, and keeps me in great shape physically and spiritually,” says Segal.

Brian teaches ChiRunning to all ages and levels of ability. He finds joy in helping other learn to walk and run with more energy and less injury. Most of his clients are looking to stay competitive as they age, and others come to eliminate pain in walking and running.

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