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Beth Cline

Years ago, when I began running races, I “ran through the pain”. I lost countless toenails, pushed through my knee pain, stuffed my feet into shoes, and hobbled across many a finish line. Then, I was introduced to ChiRunning.
ChiRunning has taken my daily run from merely exercise to my moving mediation and connection to my body. It has allowed me to run distances I never thought I could, and recover much more quickly and easily than I ever have.
In the last 15 years of running, I haven’t had a side-lining injury. That’s not to say, I haven’t had my “issues”. However, I learned to listen to my body, and make adjustments as I go ~ and I’d love to teach you to do the same. If you’ve never run, if you’ve tried it and didn’t enjoy it, if you’ve had chronic injuries, if you want to continue to enjoy running, if you want to start an exercise program, if you want to run faster and easier, if you want to run uninjured – I can teach you how with the ChiRunning/Chi Walking techniques.
Running, exercise – movement in general – is a passion of mine, and something I love to share.

Workshops and Private Instruction include a before and after VIDEO GAIT ANALYSIS. By the end of a workshop or session you will understand how to apply the technique immediately to your movement, and be well on the way to enjoying a lifelong program of fitness, health and wellbeing.

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Marathons 3:18 NYC Marathon 2012
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