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Becky Croft

I’m a runner and coach in Oklahoma. After enduring several surgeries, 2 rounds of menopause, and eventually a full hysterectomy caused by Endometriosis, I searched for younger menopausal endurance athletes like me. Unable to find anyone in a similar situation, I had to make my own way back to faster paces and longer distances in a new body without hormones. Running has been my therapy.

My running journey began almost a decade ago and most if it was self-coached. I’ve competed in countless races of all distances up to the marathon. I did not begin finding real success in decreasing my times or running strong until I learned how to run smarter, not harder.  This has been the key to my own running and racing successes.

Aside from teaching others how to train smarter through the Jack Daniels Run Smart Project VDOT system, I offer both 1-on-1 and group Chi Running + Walking workshops that will help you learn to move with the proper form.  I discovered Chi Running when I began searching for ways to correct my foot strike.  This technique has changed my running life!  ChiRunning has helped thousands of runners improve their running form – reducing and preventing injuries, while decreasing recovery time. Runners of all ages and levels have improved their efficiency and performance, and now find their running to be pain-free, easier and more enjoyable.

My overall goal is to coach athletes of all abilities and show them that they can also reach their own goals, regardless of any obstacles they may be facing.  Whether you are looking to run/walk your first 5K, want to improve your triathlon performance, or are training for a long distance event, I’d love to setup a program with a holistic focus to help you reach your goals!

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I met up with Coach Croft to help me fine tune my cadence issues.  Her wisdom and eye for form also discovered some areas of imbalance that I wasn’t really conscious of until she pointed them out.  It’s important that as we continue in our sport as recreational runners we get tune ups every  now and then just like our vehicles.  I know I want to run for the rest of my life and I want to do it as injury-free as possible.  So go follow her and if you’re local in Tulsa and need a “tune up” or help with your running, I highly recommend her!

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