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Amy Peacock

My name is Amy Peacock and owner of VirtualAthlete, LLC. I am a certified fitness trainer, certified Senior ChiRunning and ChiWalking Instructor, Certified Run Fit Pro. As an activator, fitness trainer and runner my absolute passion is to help you change the direction of your life and health for the better, as I did through exercise, community and running.

And to help you get leaner, stronger and happier along the way.

My athletic background started early.

At age six I started playing soccer. At age 13, unable to go to a real gym, I started my first fitness business by hiring an instructor to teach aerobic classes for my friends and me in our church’s basement in Mclean, Virginia. When I got to college in Athens, GA, I played on the University of Georgia women’s club soccer team (now NCAA Div1) in 1990 and 1991. I graduated from journalism school with a degree in advertising and a double minor in political science and business.

After college, I ran several 5ks on the weekends with friends, and my first marathon, The Marine Corps Marathon, was in 1997.  I soon became hooked on running. I continued running and exercising while working and traveling for Internet start-up businesses in Washington, DC.

Since then (and moving to NC) I have run the Army 10 miler, the Cherry Blossom 10K, several 5Ks in Washington DC and Virginia, Kiawah Half Marathon, Big Sur half marathon, a Spartan Sprint at the US National Whitewater Center, CPPC Skyline and Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation Runs, Nashville Half Marathon and ran Charlotte’s Rocktoberfest Half Marathon with a friend while pushing a six-year-old boy with CF. I also competed with teams at the first World Team Sports Adventure Team Challenge at the US National Whitewater Center in 2015, the 2016 Palmetto 70 Miler Relay, the 2016 first Ragnar Relay in Fort Mill (along with Hurricane Matthew) the 2016 & 2017 Charlotte Marathon Relay, and 5ks in between, most recently the Christina Latini Memorial 2019 8Ks.

In 2004, as a new mom in a new city, I decided to change the direction of my life and focus on family and officially left the corporate world. I was able to change careers, work from home, and follow my earlier passions of fitness, health, running, community and writing. By 2007 I had become a certified fitness trainer. I also kept racing and running and pushing my kids together in their stroller as long as I physically could. Then I started getting running injuries, which I could not figure out myself, or fix with a Dr.

That was until I found out about ChiRunning and focused on my running form. My injuries healed and I became a raving fan. Got certified in 2008. I have not had a running injury since then. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than passing along this good news to help fellow runners, walkers, and exercisers avoid injuries and have more fun.

Business to Fitness and Community.

In addition to raising my family, leading classes and writing, I focus on combining my passion with my strengths to help people in the community through action and leadership. I have supported ALS and Cancer research, studies, awareness and patient services. I served on the board of Girls on the Run, Inc. for 3 years. GOTR. In January 2013, after seeing the amazing impact F3 had on men (and my husband), I helped launch the free female fitness group, now called Females in Action. FIA Nation is the “sister” group to the men’s F3Nation which was launched in Charlotte in 2011. In 2015, I co-founded the Active Charlotte Alliance to activate and elevate fitness and health opportunities for all ages and abilities.

At my church, I launched the Care Team Ministry with the help of the parish nurse to create care team circles for those who are in sudden and long term crisis. I have served on the Wellness Ministry, Outreach Center Planning Ministry, and Every Member has a Ministry team as a ministry mentor. For two years I wrote monthly devotions for the Women’s Circle. Now as of 2017, I teach a weekly bootcamp at the Outreach wellness center.

In addition, I currently serve as board chair for the Joe Martin ALS Foundation which gives free home care and travel assistance to ALS patients.

I would LOVE to help you to get back to fit AND love running more.

Did I add? Help you reconnect with your strengths and passions.

Please contact me today to learn to run like a kid again….and love running more.

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What others are saying...

Helping my clients learn to love running  & come back stronger after an injury is a joy. Here are a few testimonials on the power of good running form in their lives.

Hey Amy, Just wanted to say a huge thank you again for all you did for me. Who would have thought one session with you and your follow-up could have done so much? I finished up last year having completed seven races now I’ve done three so far this year and this year I’ve gotten back to some of my better times 23 minutes for a 5K 1:17 for 15 K and 1:50 for a half marathon. I got new running shoes and found with neuropathy in  my feet, the lighter less cushion ones work best, and I can get more input and feel the pavement as well as keep better form. I’ve been enthusiastic about signing up for races another half marathon in Charlotte and a full marathon in Troy, NY late April, plus a variety of others including Lake Placid half marathon and Race the Train in August. Thank you again!! You are amazing!! Judy Caswell, Belmont, NC.

Hi Amy

I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful session this morning. It was so very helpful and I really learned a lot !  It was just what I’ve been looking for!!  I’ve been practicing all day and enjoy incorporating it into both walking and running.
Thank you again!! Judy

“Hey Amy! The running is going great.  I’ve really seen a difference after implementing Chi running.  I’ve had no back pain and relatively no soreness after each run.  Yesterday, I tackled the hills of Ballantyne (aptly called “The Soul Crusher”) and felt very happy with my performance (thanks to those 45 degree arms!)  I’m still slower than my average but I’m okay with that. Right now, my main focus is on the alignment and keeping my arms by my sides.  I’m really excited and can’t wait to continue with the progress.” Raine, Charlotte, NC

“Amy, Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop. I truly believe this technique will get me back to running and 5Ks.” ~ Karen, Atlanta, GA.

Thank you so much for the clinic. I went for a run Saturday and was amazed at what a difference the chi principal made. I know it will take more practice, but I am very excited about the possibilities. I look forward to getting feedback from the video.
Thank you, Karen K. Charlotte, NC
“Hi Amy, Just a note to say thanks. My 11.5 run on Sunday went FAR better than last week’s 10 miler. While heat obviously had an impact last week, I cannot believe the difference in the my energy and my thoughts. You are spot on with it requires constant focus but then that repairs so many of the problems. I must have said “1-2-3″ thousands of times but went up the hills faster and finished at a 45 second per minute pace faster than the previous week and still felt good enough to take the family apple picking yesterday afternoon.  I plan on using this routinely now as I genuinely felt a significant difference.”  ~ JH, Mount Holly, NC


“Amy, Thanks for the workshop! I actually just got back from a run in my neighborhood tonight and it was my best run ever!  I was able to run longer than I ever have in previous runs, so obviously I did learn quite a bit from the workshop!  I was afraid I was not going to be able to implement the tips you gave us due to my frustrations with my shins. However, I actually ran with much less pain this evening and got excited about running again.  Thank you!! I  also just bought the Chi running book today that you told us about during the workshop.  I hope to read it, practice some more, and then if you are willing to work with me again I would like to attend another workshop to work more on perfecting the correct posture and strike.  You are a great and extremely patient instructor!  I appreciate that!” ~JC, Gaston County, NC.

Thanks Amy!  I have been working on it all week.  One of the biggest items that has helped me……… is how to run down hills!  My knees don’t hurt!!  I showed my husband last night because he was struggling Thursday when we did our massive hill run.  Enjoyed the class.” ~ Tara, Rock Hill, NC

“Thank you so much for the class last night! I thought I would wake up and not be able to move due to soreness but I feel amazing! I just went for a morning run! I love what I am learning and never thought I could get back to where I was a year ago before my accident, I know now that I CAN!” Lonny ~ Charlotte, NC

“Thank you for the fast turn around on the video.  You did an awesome job Saturday!  After I got back home,  I tried to put some of it in action;  I went on a five mile run.  I felt a little bit of the pull and pain in my achilles tendons and calves.  Then I read your corrective actions last night and put them to work today during lunch and I not only have no pain, I think the tendons feel better than they did before I ran.” ~ Darrel, Savannah, GA

“I had a great time and the class helped me so so much…thank you! Chi on ;-)” ~ Maha

“Your class today was fantastic.” ~ Clyde, Charlotte, NC

“Amy, I just want to thank you for Saturday’s session.  I learned so much and had fun!  I’m practicing my running and walking!”  Thanks! ~ Laura

“Amy, had a great run this am on the greenway at Freedom Park.  Ran from the park to Vivace and back in around 38 min.  Maybe 2 miles?   I slowed down to a walk when my heart rate monitor was over my upper limit.  I  love my shoes and the laces didn’t come untied. One thing I’m most pleased about is that I ran more than I walked.  hope you chi-d on this beautiful weekend.” ~ Anne

“You have truly made a difference in my long term health and I am forever grateful!” ~ SB, Charlotte

“Thanks, Amy.  Seeing the video was really helpful. When I did my workout tonight, I really focused on keeping my stride much smaller and having my legs land right underneath my body and my arms going back instead of reaching forward. I went much slower, but it felt really good.  I ran 8 minutes, then walked 2 and repeated that 4 times, and for the first time ever, at the end of the running segments, instead of feeling like I was going to collapse, I felt like if I had needed to keep running, instead of walking, I could have done it.  That was amazing!” ~ Alison R. Charlotte, NC

“Hello Amy, Your instruction has really paid off.  I ran 6.07 miles yesterday which is a new record for me.  Of course, pain free and with a reasonable amount of energy used.  Chi Running has given me the confidence for my Tough Mudder training that I will be able to finish it from a cardio standpoint.  The obstacles are another story!  I cannot thank you enough for transforming my poor running technique into an efficient and effective form.  I still find that sometimes I fall into bad habits (dropping my arms, not leaning forward enough) but am able to recognize it immediate and make the necessary corrections. Wishing you the best!”  ~ Paul K, Ablemarle, NC

“Thanks Amy.   I really appreciated the class.  I got a lot out of it.  It is definitely helpful to have a live instructor.  The books and on line videos are great but limited as they can’t observe the reader/viewer implementing the techniques.”  ~ Dael W., Charlotte, NC

“Amy! Just really quickly, we did about 4 miles this morning trying REALLY hard to keep it all together (and not sit!!!!! Elongate my spine! Look up!  Relax the shoulders! Check in with my feet! Belly button-spine! Don’t spill my Chi!  Knees down! don’t sit! Lean from ankles, not waist! Right elbow in! Don’t spill the water!).  The uphills were AMAZING!  What a difference the 45deg angle makes.  Breathing was better than ever.I have to say I felt like I was going sooooooo slow! But as it turns out, I wasn’t!   No problem with my hip and Pete felt good, too.  He BLAZED the first mile at 7:32!! So the stats are this:  My per-mile pace was 9:15 average (about 15 sec/mile faster than my last four runs).  Pete’s average was 8:20!   So briefly: THANK YOU!!!”  ~ Donna, Mooresville, NC

“ChiRunning has enabled me to run without knee pain -even after my knee surgery!”  ~ Lynn G. Charlotte,  NC

“My back does not hurt anymore when I run!!! ~ Elizabeth D.  Charlotte, NC

“I felt like I was floating.” ~ Naomi W, Beaufort, SC

“Thanks again for your good coaching. I have walked a couple of times at 1/2 hour and once for 1 hours (a little calf soreness, but not bad). The shorter walks left me with NO lower back pain, NO breathlessness, and NO calf soreness. They were GREAT. I feel that you’ve given me the tools for a life change — back to regular exercise, pain-free. I’m still working on maintaining focus, but everything seems  to be working together.  Thanks again, ~ Lloyd E, Greenville

“I went out with my dog yesterday for a longer run in our neighborhood (a little under 6 miles…lots of hills).  I usually run for the first 2 miles, then walk/run the remainder.  Yesterday, I ran the entire time and felt great! Nearly 3 times the distance the first time out using the chi techniques!!  And, the best part: I felt *graceful*.  I have NEVER in my life felt graceful!!  It almost felt like I was floating.  I’m so excited about my new “practice”! So, on Saturday, when I said I wasn’t a runner….can I change my answer to “I am a CHI RUNNER”!  Thanks so much for your teachings and support!  I’m SOLD!!  ~ Karen L., Waxhaw, NC

“It felt like I wasn’t running.” ~ Amy C. Charlotte, NC

“The flying feeling was really fun and not something I had felt since I was a kid! ~ Liz Charlotte, NC

“I was able to complete my half-ironman triathlon with no knee pain, and even finished it within the eight hours!  No knee pain the next two days, either. I did the run in about 2 ½ hours, focusing on form and not speed, as you suggested, and it worked for me!  So, thank you for your help. Your suggestions about balance helped also, as it rained during the bike event, and I had no road-rash. Kudos for your class, and for your extra comments after!” ~ Greg, Augusta, GA


“I wanted to drop you a quick note of update and thanks for your invaluable lessons in Chi Running.  I ran the Urbanathlon in Chicago a couple weeks ago–12 mile obstacle course–and finished stronger than I could have dreamed.  The friends I thought would have to wait for me, well, I was practically dragging them the whole last hour.  Mile 10 was done on the stairs at the Bears football stadium and while others were fading, wheezing or throwing up, I ran the stairs two at a time.  Though I waited for my friends and finished with them this year, next year they’d better keep up or I’m leaving them.  And not a hint of knee pain the entire race. I couldn’t have done it without you or Chi Running.” ~ Best Regards, Bill, Charlotte, NC

“Amy,  thank you!!!  I have been running again for the first time in a long time and I have to say I am very excited.  I will definitely keep you recommendations in mind.  I appreciate you taking the time to follow up – I know how important time is these days…… Great class!!! Diane, Charlotte, NC

“I attended 3 hours worth of chi running training on Nov. 1st, 2008. I learned a great deal from Amy and LOVED it!! I have been incorporating it in my running and it is amazing how much easier it is to run up a hill!!! Thanks for allowing me to participate!!  I find myself correcting my posture through the day now!  Thanks so much!!” ~ Braden, Charlotte, NC

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