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About Alan Miller, Ed. D.

Alan has been an avid runner since 1977. He has run over 80 marathons including 33 New York City Marathons. He finished First Place in his age group at the 2008 NY Marathon. This was a nice honor as there were runners representing every state and over 100 countries among the 50,000 participants.

Alan has a doctorate degree in education and has been teaching adult learners for over 40 years. His background as an educator, counselor, and coach, combined with his enthusiasm for the topic, make his classes enlightening and fun.

Alan’s journey into long distance running began in 1977 when he attended a workshop by the Esalen Institute called Beyond Jogging: The Inner-Spaces of Running. The instructors were Michael Spino and Michael Murphy, both accomplished authors in the field of body/mind training.

He took the principles he learned and applied them back home in his work as a counselor and educator by designing programs for special needs clients. In 1980 Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founder of the Special Olympics, asked Alan to design a long distance running program for special needs athletes. He received great satisfaction from seeing smiles on the faces of clients and staff as they actively engaged life through running. He derives that same satisfaction today teaching Chi Running.

Alan has been teaching Chi Running/Walking for 15 years and has trained over 1500 people. He is grateful for the opportunity to help others keep moving for a lifetime. People have benefitted on all 4 levels of Holistic health: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual, so the training turns out to be so much more than just running or walking.

 You can learn Chi Running/Walking with Alan by:

1) Signing up for a group workshop

2) Scheduling a private training session

3) Gather a group of friends to schedule a workshop on demand

Consider giving a private training session as a gift to a friend or loved one for the holidays or for birthdays.

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What others are saying...

Hi Alan,

I want you and the team to know that I improved my time at the half marathon in the Bahamas this weekend by 30 minutes. In my opinion all thanks to the Chi running class so thank you for everything.


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Personal Bests

Distance Completion Time Placement Race Name / Location Year
Marathons 2:38:24 11th place overall Orange Bowl Marathon-Miami, FL 1986
Marathons 2:38:44 200th overall New York City Marathon 1992
Marathons 3:08:03 1st Place, 60-64 bracket New York City Marathon 2008