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About Alan Miller, Ed.D.Alan has been an avid runner since 1978. He has paticipated in 80 marathons including 32 New York City Marathons. He was the First Place finisher in his age group at the 2008 NY Marathon.

 Alan has a doctorate degree in education and has been teaching adult learners for over forty years. His background as an educator, counselor, and coach, combined with his enthusiasm for the topic, enable his classes to be enlightening and fun. Alan loves teaching and feels extremely fortunate to share the benefits of ChiRunning and Chi Walking with others. The founder of ChiRunning, Danny Dreyer, has personally trained Alan as a ChiRunning and Chi Walking Instructor. Alan’s journey into long distance running began in 1977 when he attended a training by the Esalen Institute called Beyond Jogging: The Inner-Spaces of Running. The instructors were Michael Spino and Michael Murphy, both accomplished authors in the field of body/mind training. He took the principles he learned and applied them back home in his work as a counselor and an educator. He designed training programs for social service workers showing them how to use running programs with their special needs clients. In 1980 Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founder of the Special Olympics, asked Alan to design and write a long distance running program for special needs athletes. Alan received great satisfaction from seeing the smiles on the faces of clients and staff as they actively engaged life through running. He derives that same satisfaction teaching ChiRunning. Alan became interested in Walking for Fitness in 1986 when he started a worksite walking program for social service workers. He noticed that people loved the opportunity to move at their own pace and wound up including the program in his Doctoral Dissertation on Exercise and Work Stress.

Update: I have now trained  over 1000 people and I have learned much from you all. “TO TEACH IS TO LEARN AGAIN.” Thank you all for participating.  The feedback has been great as many of you have e-mailed your success stories.
I am into the 13th year of teaching ChiRunning/Walking and am grateful for the wonderful opportunity to help people keep moving for a lifetime. I have noticed that participants benefit in all areas of their lives: PHYSICAL,MENTAL,EMOTIONAL,and SPIRITUAL.

If your schedule is such that you cannot make the group classes, consider PRIVATE TRAINING SESSIONS or pull a group of friends together and contact me for a workshop on demand.

Consider giving a private training session as a gift to a friend or loved one.

Postscript to NYC Marathon: I placed first in my age group in 2008 at the New York City Marathon and owe it all to ChiRunning and some good training : ) It was quite an honor because runners from every state and over 100 countries were participating. That’s old news now, but I will be running again in 2018 and plan to go much slower so I can enjoy the sights. Those of you who are marathoners and have not done NYC yet, put it on your bucket list. The power of the spectators is awesome and their energy can help you finish.

Call Alan at 954-295-4789 or e-mail at for more information.

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