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Certified Since March 2013
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Master Coach Aaron Lew

Master Coach Aaron Lew

Founder of Chi Wellness & Beauty, Coach Aaron is a Master ChiRunning & ChiWalking Instructor (Certifying Master) and a Certified Garmin Coach.  he has raced every distance from 5K to ultra marathon, triathlons, IRONMAN to adventure racings.

His work is based on his own personal experience in wellness and health for the last 30 years of training, racing and coaching all types of active persons with the right Chi Wellness Holistic Living approach.

ChiRunning & ChiWalking Coaching Experience

Aaron began his ChiRunning (CR) coaching in 2013 for all types of runners with different background from teenagers to retirees.  He has been coaching in the South East Asian countries, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.  He has since accumulated an enormous amount of training and coaching experience, helping his athletes reaching their goals, running safely and efficiently.

Competitive Sports Background

Aaron is an ex-national triathlete and a national representative competed in world class adventure racing competition. He is a podium marathoner, ultra-trail runner and IRONMAN triathlete.  Aaron ran his first marathon when he was 19 years old in 3 hours 11 minutes.

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What others are saying...

Chris Bedsole - CB&I, Director of Operations, United States

ChiRunning transformed my life by allowing me, at 53 years old, to run pain free.  Aaron’s mentorship and professional approach to teaching this technique made the entire experience a true pleasure.  Aaron consistently provided great encouragement and his exceptional knowledge about the body and how it works allowed all of the students in his ChiRunning class to reach potential we never imagined possible.  Because of the lessons I have learned from “Dr. Lew”, the best days of my life still lie ahead.” Chris Bedsole, United States

Robert Martin - CB&I, Senior Commissioning Specialist, United States

Robert used to walk in pain.  Aaron transformed him from walking in pain to running on track in 8 weeks!

Hear what Robert says:

“Love you, you change my life. I listen.

I don’t hurt when I walk now.” Robert Martin, United States

Watch Robert runs on track after joining Aaron.

Misty – Triathlete & Spartan Racer, Indonesia

Misty Rocked in Spartan Sprint!

Hear what Misty says:

“Aaron’s Chi Running course really helped me to run without pain, and it also helped me to discover the joy of running. Through the course I learned how to run injury-free, and how to relax and yet be in control during a run. Coach Aaron gave me a detailed analysis and plan for my upcoming Spartan Race, so I could do my run with more confidence and ease. I completed my Sprint under the 60 minutes, and I believe my run has enabled me to do so. Thank you Coach Aaron for introducing me to chi running.” Misty, Indonesia

Filbert – Triathlete, Singapore

Filbert has issues in his IPPT (Individual Physical Proficiency Test) run the last few years.  After joining Aaron, his run technique improved in one day and he scored GOLD in his IPPT!

Hear what Filbert says:

It has been a pleasure working with Aaron to improve my running form. I would recommend ChiRunning to those who are seeking a structured way of running, with an emphasis on form over brute force power.” Filbert, Singapore

Watch his run technique improved in one day after joining Aaron.


Joyce Leong - JoyRiders Founder (Cyclist), Singapore

Joyce is a cyclist who hasn’t run for 12 years due to injuries.  She joined Aaron and Aaron managed to transform her run technique from heel striking to midfoot landing in one day.

Watch this live video testimonial on Joyce run technique improved in one day.

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Personal Bests

Distance Completion Time Placement Race Name / Location Year
Half Marathons 1:17:39 13th Place (Overall) PJ Half Marathon/Malaysia 1999
Ultra Marathons 4:30:00 4th Place, (Men's Open) The North Face 50km Ultra Marathon/Singapore 2012
Marathons 3:11:00 10th, (Mens' Open) Sijori International Marathon/Malaysia 1995

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