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Stockport, UK

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Certified Since March 2020
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Paul Oakley

In addition to being a Certified Chi Running Instructor I am also a qualified Yoga teacher, Certified Somatics Education Coach, and Certified Mindfulness and Meditation teacher.  I bring a mindful approach to movement whether it be on the trails, on the yoga mat, or through living my day. All my teachings come from an understanding that we live best if we can find ease in our body, mind and breath. This is the route to wellbeing and health, healing and transformation. I live on the edge of the Peak District in the north west of UK which is a great place to explore outdoors. I walk and run on trails and fells either alone, with my partner, or running club buddies. I believe that practicing, training and having fun together as a community adds so much to our wellbeing as well as our learning. I do run races for fun – from Parkruns to marathons, cross country, trail and fell – 5K to 28 miles. I can get competitive too and I am aiming to run the London Marathon in 2021 in under 3 hours. At 56 I would be so pleased with that.

Workshops and Private Sessions with Paul Oakley

I offer run with ease weekend workshops, and regular series of Yoga 4 Runners classes

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