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Certified Since November 2019
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Dave Williams

Dave has had a passion for running since his early teen. On completion of his BSc.Hons Degree in Sports Science, he worked in Leisure and Gym Management and as a part-time lecturer to trainee fitness instructors.
Having suffered his fair share of injury / recovery cycles, he eventually discovered ChiRunning, which he describes as natural running – the way humans were designed to run.
Dave believes that the ChiRunning method has given him running longevity by making it easier and painless. ‘No pain – No Gain’ is now a thing of the past.
ChiRunning technique teaches biomechanics and physics principles that any runner can apply to their own advantage. The beauty of this is that ChiRunning tackles the causes and cures of many running injuries, by teaching us how to avoid them before they happen by altering how we run.

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