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Certified Since January 2012
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Balavan Thomas

I have been a runner for more than 35 years. In my younger days I used to like racing 10 miles and my best time for that distance was 59.45.  I also liked to run longer distances up to 50 miles. From 1987 I took part in the Peace Run an international running relay. I organised the Peace Run in the UK  for twenty years and also joined the Peace Run team around the world in America,  China and many European countries. I was introduced to Chi Running when on the Peace Run in the Czech Republic. A fellow team member was a Chi Running instructor and taught me the Chi Running basics as we ran through  Czech. I was inspired by this experience to work on my technique and train as a Chi Running instructor.  I was certified as an instructor in 2012 and have since taught hundreds of runners how to improve their running technique for increased efficiency and injury prevention.  I have also trained as a personal trainer in restorative exercise with Katy Bowman and specialise in teaching mobility exercises to runners.


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