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Certified Since December 2019
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Toni Galloway Thompson

From the very first time I heard about ChiRunning 20 years ago and I started diving into the technique, I’ve wanted to be an instructor.  At the time, there was no one in NOLA teaching running technique and all of the running clubs were intimidating.  I had run on and off my whole life but I wanted to step up my game and ChiRunning was and is the solution.  ChiRunning has helped me meet all of my running goals ever since.

I am a Certified Master Health and Wellness Coach in the New Orleans area and I”m happy to say, I”m now a Certified ChiRunning instructor.  I was finally able to work with Danny Dreyer and complete my certification with him in 2019.  It is with great joy that I can now bring this technique to the people of the Deep South.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting off and have never run before or if you are a seasoned athlete, Danny’s technique is transformative at any stage of running.  Many of the form focuses you can use throughout your day whether you are moving, working on a computer or cooking in your kitchen.  ChiRunning keeps giving back and you keep discovering things as you practice much like yoga. Reach out to me to help you start your journey.  I am excited to share this technique with you.  I will be scheduling workshops for 5 or more people as well as working with individual clients throughout the year.

I live and work in the New Orleans Metro area as well as the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.  I”m happy to schedule private or group sessions in either location with MS needing more lead time.



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