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Hamilton Ontario Canada


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Certified Since June 2019
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Dave Walker

As a martial artist, guitar instructor, and tai chi/Qigong instructor the concepts of ChiRunning hit home with me. Before I became a Chi Runner, the combination of martial arts and sport running was really hard on my knees so I quit running. However, as time passed, I grew determined to do both and discovered ChiRunning. I haven’t looked back! My knees are great! At 57 I feel that not only has my journey just begun, but I have chi running to thank for making this journey possible.

As a Chi Runner, I’ve run a 10K and Half Marathon and look forward to doing more of the same. I also look forward to helping people learn to run in a safe and effective manner so that they can enjoy the incredible physical and mental health benefits of running that I have. I teach beginners, and runners of all skill levels. Look forward to meeting you! Let’s run!

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