Instructor Policies

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Certifying Master Instructor

The ChiRunning and ChiWalking Certifying Master Instructor Program offers individuals the opportunity to license the trademarked ChiRunning and ChiWalking techniques, and partner with ChiLiving in business development opportunities. The certification process is outlined below.

Benefits of Being a Certifying Master Instructor:

  • Premium Listing on ChiRunning and ChiWalking websites
  • Potential Financial compensation for:
    • Teaching Instructor Training
    • Evaluating Candidate Videos
    • Evaluation of Certified and Senior Instructors for Recertification
    • Partnering with ChiLiving in business development opportunities
    • Video Analysis of ChiLiving Customers
  • Active participation in ChiLiving Business and Program Development
  • Allowed to charge more for Workshops
    • Full Day and Half Day (No maximum charge)
  • Allowed to teach more clients per Workshop
    • Full Day and Half Day (No maximum cap, but it is recommended that at least one Instructor Assistant is present for classes of 15 or more participants)
  • Can teach higher levels of classes
  • Use of the trademarked ChiRunning and ChiWalking logos for marketing
  • Teach individuals and groups the ChiRunning and ChiWalking techniques
  • Partner commissions from ChiRunning and ChiWalking product sales
  • Facilitation of Corporate Groups
  • Participation in ChiLiving blogs, social media, bulletin boards, and/or articles
  • Give public talks and presentations
  • Lead group runs and walks

Certification Requirements:

Certifying Master Instructor Certification applications will be provided from ChiLiving on an as needed basis and are due no later than October 31st. Certification status will be communicated to the Instructor Candidate by December 15th, and, pending Certification approval, will be posted to the ChiLiving website by January 31st.

  • Submit Application to ChiLiving, Inc. for Evaluation and Approval
    • Applicants will be evaluated on proficiency in ChiRunning and ChiWalking techniques and teaching experience, proven business success, active growth as an Instructor and involvement with ChiLiving (such as assisting Danny Dreyer at Workshops, see application for details)
    • Applicants must submit two videos to ChiLiving® for review and evaluation. The Instructor should shoot a technique video of themselves (left-side, right-side, front, rear views and done in Coach’s Eye or some comparable). Then do a nit-picky review going over EVERY little detail that is less than optimal. They should give the feedback as if they were speaking to a client. Danny wants to hear what language you use; how they offer advice; how accurate and complete that advice is.
  • Participation as a Senior Certifying Instructor for a minimum of two years
  • Assist at a minimum of two Workshops with Danny Dreyer or Certifying Master Instructor
  • Evaluate Instructor Candidate Videos
  • Recertify at least two Certified Instructors
  • Actively participate in ChiLiving blogs, social media, bulletin boards, and/or articles

Financial compensation for completing the above requirements will not be provided. These requirements support the development of Instructors for the next Level of their Certification.

If these requirements coincide with the year of your Recertification, you can use one Workshop and/or Instructor Training to complete both Certifying Master Instructor Certification and your Recertification requirements. If it is not a Recertifying year for you, there may be a fee assessed for you to be evaluated as a Master Instructor at a workshop.

Recertification Requirements:

To maintain status as a Certifying Master Instructor, the Instructor must complete the following each year:

  • Pay Annual Fee
  • Submit a Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA), updated Insurance documentation
  • Assist Danny Dreyer every two years
  • Teach or assist at a minimum of one Instructor Trainings every two years (as needed)*
  • Evaluate Candidate Videos
  • Recertify Instructors (as needed)*
  • Certify Instructor Candidates
  • Partner with ChiLiving in business development opportunities
    • Host media in workshops
    • Corporate lunch and learns
    • Private trainings for high profile requests
    • ChiLiving representatives at trade show events
  • Actively participate in ChiLiving blogs, social media, bulletin boards, and/or articles (Support in growing the ChiLiving brand and awareness)
  • Attend the bi- annual Instructor Weekend

* A Certifying Master Instructor will be eligible for financial compensation for recertification of current Certified Instructors. Partnering with ChiLiving in business development opportunities may generate financial compensation.

If at any time you, or ChiLiving, deem it appropriate, you may return to a Certified Instructor or Senior Instructor status. If recertification requirements are not completed by January 31st of each year, Instructor status may be suspended, including removal from the ChiLiving website, until recertification is completed.