Instructor Policies

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Instructor Level Change

During the Month of October, ChiLiving will accept applications to up your instructor levels from: Certified to Senior or Senior to Master Instructor.

There’s a $90 fee to submit your application and have it reviewed. This does not guarantee that you will be moved to the next level and your fee is not refundable, however you can resubmit one year later and not pay again.

Senior Instructor Application
Master Instructor Application Application
Status Upgrade fee
Submit two or three videos (Instructions below)

Applications will not be reviewed if the fee, application and videos have not been received.

Video 1: ONE of yourself teaching Lessons 1-5 with a student

Video 2: ONE of yourself running and walking (L/R side views and front/rear views) This video must be good quality and show a clear, up-close view of your entire body… head to foot

Video 3: ONE coach’s eye video of YOU critiquing your running/walking video. The commentary should be done as if you are coaching a client and giving them feedback and suggestions of how to improve what you’re seeing.

IF you are applying for Master Status, you will need to submit all 3 videos. For Senior status, you can disregard Video 1.