What is ChiRunning?

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Exhilarating. Effective. Pain-free.

ChiRunning is the world’s leader in teaching safe and efficient, natural running technique to reduce injury and improve personal performance. Our mission is to help you LOVE running forever.

How Nature Meant You to Move

ChiRunning takes its guidance from the inner design of T’ai Chi which asks us to move the body in a natural order, where the big muscles do the heavy lifting, the smaller muscles do less and the tiniest muscles do very little.

This runs counter to how most people run which is using the small muscles of their legs for propulsion, neglecting the abundance of power in their core.

What is Chi?

For Every Level of Runner

Regardless of your experience, ChiRunning will help you:

  • Set yourself up for a lifetime of injury-free running
  • Build confidence in your abilities
  • Go farther or faster with less effort
  • Improve your body alignment for optimal efficiency
  • Lower impact to your joints
  • Reduce the work of your legs – at any speed
  • Build core strength with every step
  • Run with whole-body relaxation
  • Become more mindful in how you use your body
  • Become a highly efficient and adaptable runner


Run Without Fear of Injury

It’s not running that hurts your body, it’s the way you run that creates problems.

There are two main categories of injuries: impact and overuse. ChiRunning minimizes both. For example, we’ll show you how to perfect a midfoot strike to dramatically reduce your impact.

We’ll also show you how to minimize the use of your lower legs by relaxing, and running efficiently, and avoid all the lower-body overuse injuries that plague most other runners.

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Run with Built-in Efficiency

Run like a kid again, with a lot of play, and a natural stride that is highly efficient.

ChiRunning is based in a centuries-old principle from T’ai Chi: shift your workload to the core muscles. This allows your leg muscles to do less, and the lower leg muscles to do almost nothing. As we age, we do just the opposite, pushing with our feet and toes, while neglecting the abundance of power in our core. That is a formula for fatigue, or worse, injury.

In ChiRunning your efficiency comes from allowing gravity to assist your propulsion, taking the workload off your legs and letting you run lightly and swiftly like you did as a youngster.

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At the Forefront of the Running Revolution

Changing "no pain, no gain" to no pain, NO PAIN!

Since 1999, ChiRunning has been a leader in changing the mindset of running from “gut it out” to the finesse of mindful, intelligent movement.

The ChiRunning book has sold almost a half million copies and is published in thirteen languages. We have over 200 Certified Instructors teaching ChiRunning in 27 countries, and continue to grow and expand around the globe.

When we read some of the thousands of Success Stories from runners of every  level of experience, it brings us the greatest joy of all.

We’re thrilled you found us and hope we can help you love running for the rest of your life. Reach out and let us know if there is a way we can help you find your best running stride. We’d love to hear from you!

What others are saying...

Without changing to ChiRunning I do not think I would be running in the upcoming marathon. Thanks for your wonderful book and I am looking at increasing my knowledge and train the local high school team how to implement the style to enhance their team.

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ChiRunning/ChiWalking methods have improved my forward progress. Not only shaving time off my sessions but also allowing a newfound relaxation (mental and physical) to my long distance running. THANK YOU for providing a tremendous method to make running and walking more relaxing, productive and enjoyable.

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