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Help individuals and organizations take charge of their health! Teaching ChiRunning® and ChiWalking® gives you the tools to empower yourself and others through mindful, injury-free fitness. Join our team of 200+ Instructors today.

Instructor Levels

Master Instructors

Master Instructors are our top tier, most experienced Instructors, having been Certified for a minimum of 4 years and usually much longer. They have all been personally approved by Danny.

Senior Instructors

Senior Instructors have been Certified and teaching for a minimum of 2 years, often much longer, personally approved by Danny based on teaching experience and the quality of their own technique.

Certified Instructors

Certified Instructors have undergone a rigorous Training and testing Certification Program and have been taught and approved by a Master Instructor in ChiRunning, ChiWalk-Run, and ChiWalking.

ChiWalking Instructors

ChiWalking Instructors work with people of all ages to teach them healthy and sustainable fitness walking. They have undergone extensive Training and are qualified to help their clients get in shape, lose weight, heal existing injuries, and age actively through fitness walking.

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When all else is equal the runner with the better technique will win every time.

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