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About the Founders

For more than two decades, Katherine and Danny Dreyer and the ChiTeam have taught thousands of people the skills that bring joy to running and walking for a lifetime.

Katherine Dreyer co-founded ChiLiving and co-authored ChiRunning, ChiWalking and ChiMarathon, which introduced the concept of approaching running, walking and sports in general as mindful practices, with her husband and business partner, Danny Dreyer. For more than thirty years, Katherine successfully combined her healthy living with her career. Well-versed in T’ai Chi, Eastern philosophy, meditation and mindful practices, Katherine taught, spoke and wrote about all-things related to health and wellness.

Danny Dreyer is the co-founder of ChiRunning and ChiWalking—revolutionary forms of moving that blend the subtle inner focuses of T’ai Chi with running and walking—along with his wife and business partner, Katherine Dreyer. A leader in revolutionizing the running world for the last two decades, Danny based his work on his 30-year practice of T’ai Chi and 45 years of running and racing. He has taught thousands of runners all over the globe how to embrace the principles of intelligent movement to bring energy efficiency and injury prevention to runners and walkers. Danny also effectively trained hundreds of instructors how to accurately teach the methodology of ChiRunning and ChiWalking to help share it with the world.

ChiRunning has its roots in San Francisco, where Founder Danny Dreyer first started teaching his revolutionary technique in 1999 and Katherine envisioned how to educate more people. The brand blasted onto the international running scene in 2004 with the publication of ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-free Running, (Simon & Schuster) co-authored by Danny and Katherine.

In 2009, after five years of incredible success, the book was revised and rewritten, during which time, the technique became a household name. Bolstered by an extensive international community of Certified Instructors, self-published training programs, DVDs and audio programs, the ChiRunning technique has a loyal, every-growing base of happy, injury-free runners and walkers who also use the Chi themes for healthy, mindful living.

New Owners and Leadership

In 2021, Katherine and Danny Dreyer officially announced their retirement from the company. Five Master ChiRunning Instructors from around the world have stepped up to assume operations and executive leadership roles to ensure a smooth transition while building upon what the Dreyers have established. Master Instructor Harrison Wong purchased all of Asia, and Master Instructors Constanza Lisdero, Lisa Pozzoni, Sarah Richardson and Vince Vaccaro together purchased the remaining areas of the globe.

In retirement, Katherine Dreyer will continue her work as a ChiLife coach, while Danny Dreyer will consult with the new leadership team on occasion and also focus on teaching in a more relaxed retirement setting.

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