What is ChiWalking?

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Walk Your Way to Wellness

ChiWalking unlocks the hidden potential of walking by exploring all its vast possibilities. With ChiWalking, you’ll get in prime physical shape, strengthen your life force, increase your energy, and be inspired for a lifetime.

Discover the Limitless Benefits of ChiWalking

Whether you are a fitness walker already, want to manage or release weight, are rehabilitating after illness or injury, or want to stay active while you age, ChiWalking will help you reach your personal goals, including looking and feeling better than ever.

  • Improve your posture
  • Strengthen core muscles
  • Relax tight and overused muscles
  • Gain cardio and aerobic conditioning
  • Increased mobility & much more!

Walk the Way You're Meant to Walk

Tall. Centered. Strong. Energetic.

Walking is such a basic human movement, so you’re probably wondering how you could possibly be doing it wrong! The stresses of life, however, have a cumulative effect on the amount of muscular tension we hold in our bodies. Most of us have taken on movement patterns that are constricted, at times to the point of being detrimental to our health.

The good news? You have the power to change the way you move! Becoming a better walker is not dependent on how fast or how far you can walk, but on how well you can listen to your body and how well you can respond to its needs. With the ChiWalking technique, walking becomes easier on your body while helping to eliminate the aches, pains and discomfort of walking incorrectly–ultimately, improving your overall quality of life!

Use our Five Mindful Steps to reinforce the body-mind component inherent in each step

  • Get Aligned
    • physically with your posture
    • mentally with your intentions
  • Engage Your Core
    • physically with your lower abdominals to create stability
    • mentally by using your will power
  • Create Balance
    • physically between your upper and lower body and between the right and left side of your body
    • mentally by creating a balance and holistic fitness program
  • Make a Choice
    • physically to walk with inner strength and grace
    • mentally by making the small positive choices that make a difference in your life
  • Move Forward
    • physically with consistency and confidence
    • mentally with focused spaciousness

Walk Your Way

The ChiWalking program offers 12 different types of walking workouts to create a balanced and exciting health program. The “menu” of walks includes: a Cardio Walk, an Aerobic Walk, a Flexibility Walk, a Loosening Walk, a Focusing Walk, an Energizing Walk, a Walking Meditation and more.

The walks are presented in the ChiWalking book in a detailed and understandable way, then summarized in an easy to read matrix which shows the key benefits of each walk.

Harness the Power of T’ai Chi

Use centuries’ worth of knowledge to enhance your walking

ChiWalking has within it the deep philosophical and psychological attributes of the centuries-old practice of T’ai Chi, which presents the opportunity for spiritual exploration and the integration of body, mind and spirit. ChiWalking takes the benefits of walking beyond cardiovascular, aerobic and mental health, by addressing the needs of your whole person; joints and muscles, body and soul.

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Take Your First Steps

With our 8-week program, you’ll be walking a 5K in no time

Get started with the ChiWalking 8-week program. You’ll get step-by-step instructions for each workout, a DVD with clear images and a workbook that inspires and supports your progress. At the end of 8 weeks you’ll be walking a 5k (3.1 miles) and have the skills to keep you healthy for a lifetime.

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The ChiWalking Book, DVD & Workbook

  • The ChiWalking book provides the whole story of how and why the combination of T’ai Chi and walking is so powerful.
  • The DVD gives you the visuals to see ChiWalking in action!
  • The Workbook offers weekly workouts and when and how long to practice each Lesson. Just 8 weeks to walking a 5K.
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What others are saying...

My first marathon took me 6 hours. My second took me 6 hours and 3 minutes. My third only lasted 19 miles. And then someone on the bus told me about ChiRunning.

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I’ve been ChiRunning for two months and have dramatically improved my running. I ran a 10k last week in 49:02 versus 56:08, a year ago!

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I finally picked up the book and started reading it. I cannot put it down. I am so excited…

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The ChiWalking App for iPhones

Get on the fast track to healthy and sustainable walking with video and audio coaching from Danny Dreyer, creator of ChiWalking
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