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Walking never felt this good!

Get on the fast track to healthy and sustainable walking with our ChiWalking App which includes video and audio coaching from Danny Dreyer, creator of ChiWalking.

Video Lessons make it easy

Learn how to walk safely and efficiently with comprehensive Video Lessons. Discover how easy walking for fitness can be when you’re doing it correctly.

Design your own Guided Walks

Create your own perfect walk by setting your walk type, pace, and body looseners.

Audio coaching reminders

Throughout your walk, get audio coaching at self-selected, repeating intervals. You’ll be walking like a pro in no time!

Includes a built-in metronome

Stay up to speed using the built-in metronome. One of the keys to effortless and efficient walking is being able to maintain a consistent stride rate. There’s no better training tool than a metronome to enhance your walking.

Store your walking stats

Practice your technique while tracking your distance, pace, caloric burn, and mapping your route. The workout log allows you to track your history and to share it with friends.

What others are saying...

The other day I received an email about a ChiRunning workshop. I had no idea what that was, so I found you on Facebook, then your web site. I was intrigued to say the least, then I bought your book on Friday and by Monday I was sold. Time came right off of my runs. Times that I didn’t think would be possible are now my slow running times. I got some new shoes and can’t wait to run. I am looking forward to attending a workshop and really getting a chance to learn this program.

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