Highly accurate wearable technology for running, walking and living

Coming Spring 2019

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Not Just Wearable

  • Highly accurate yet affordable
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Washable and durable

ChiTek is a wearable tech game changer, with its ease of use, precise data and personalized feedback when you need it.

Track Your Workouts and Get Real-Time ChiRunning Feedback

ChiTek Wearables Measure:

  • Industry standards including distance, average pace, and total calories burned
  • Average cadence: Optimize your cadence to maximize efficiency
  • Ground Contact Time (GTC): Less is better.
  • Ground Reaction Force (GRF): Reduce impact and potential for injury.
  • Stride mechanics: Develop a circular stride.
  • Breathing patterns (breath rate and belly/chest breathing): Fully oxygenate your muscles with best breathing practices.
  • Over-pronation or supination: Help solve ankle, knee and hip problems.

The ChiTek Better Breathing Belt

Say goodbye to stress

Learn to walk right, breathe right and turn stress into positive, usable energy.

Support your pregnancy

Learn best breathing and walking habits for pregnancy, labor and postpartum.

Keep healthy and strong throughout with the ChiWalking technique and Better Breathing habits. Keeps you fit, helps ease labor and shows you how to regain core strength once the baby arrives.  

ChiTek for Businesses

Bring our innovation to your business

  • Get customized wearable tech for your employees health and wellness
  • Add these superior sensors to your current product lines such as fitness clothing, shoes and inserts (used by China’s aerospace program to monitor astronauts’ vitals).
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Launching Spring 2019

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Pairing Great Running Technique with Precise Bio-Data


Improve efficiency and performance

Running faster, farther, and with fewer injuries

Reduce the two biggest causes of running injuries: impact and overuse


Train with real-time, personalized feedback and coaching

Ultra sensitive, medical grade sensors

Running stats – accurately track every workout

ChiRunning is the world's leader in safe, natural, and efficient movement.

For over 20 years, our revolutionary technique has been changing the way people run. From beginners, to weekend warriors, to ultra-marathoners, runners of skill levels have improved their running.

Real-time data with real-time guidance

Receive live, personalized feedback and coaching

Analyze Stride Mechanics

Impact, effort, cadence, and ROM

Monitor Advanced Biometrics

Heart and breath rate, blood O2 levels, and more

What others are saying...

Thank you for providing the techniques for healing through ChiRunning!

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After my run, I was back at work in 15 minutes, no pain, nothing hurting at all.  My pulse averaged 127, high of 135. Wow … how cool is that? I then realized – from the GPS on my phone – that my pace was a full 50 seconds per mile faster than I had ever done previously…

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ChiRunning has HELPED ME GREATLY. I am using it now even while recovering.

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