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Haley Tunstall

Communications Manager

Haley serves as the Communications Manager at ChiLiving. Inspired by her personal journey of health, healing and wholeness, she is dedicated to expanding Chi’s reach by positively conveying ChiLiving’s internal and external themes and messages. Haley finds joy in striving to live her most optimal life and wants to encourage others to do the same.

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Kelly O'Hara

Director of Instructor World

Kelly is the Director of Instructor World at ChiLiving. With her diverse background in operations, communications, and executive assistance, she provides the most comprehensive support possible to our worldwide network of Instructors. Kelly is passionate about Chi and believes that true health and well-being – mental, physical and spiritual – are the crucial components of life, and she truly loves helping others deepen their knowledge of self and feel their best, every day. Contact her with any questions related to becoming an Instructor or your current Instructor status.

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I am 41 years old, and yesterday I ran my 19th marathon. My best time is 2:57 which was 20 years ago. I stopped running for about 10 years but started up again about 4 years ago. In this new ‘age’ for me, my best race was 3 years ago with a 3:29, which left me totally drained. … Yesterday, I ran the Austin Marathon hoping to qualify for Boston (below 3:20) and, being really concentrated on my ChiRunning, I made it !!! (3:19:26)

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