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Start Your Journey to Easy & Joyful Running

This brand new 6-week course is perfect for runners looking to apply the ChiRunning technique and be able to run farther, faster, and with more ease and joy. The online format gives you the freedom to learn and interact with your Master Instructor from the comfort of your home.

Running doesn’t need to be difficult or hard on your body. In this engaging and interactive program, you’ll take your running to places it’s never been before. With easy-to-learn technique lessons, you’ll gain the confidence and know-how to run as often, as far, and potentially as fast as you’d like.

Course begins October 12th! 


You'll learn:

  • The essential components of the ChiRunning technique
  • How to transform your body’s aches and pains by learning to adjust your technique
  • How to run so that it feels better on your body!
  • To enrich your running practice and stay consistent
  • To feel light on your feet and ease in your practice
  • How to regain the joy of running!
  • How to maintain mindful wellbeing through your chosen sport!

Course begins October 12th! 


What to expect...

  • Weekly topics designed to teach the essential components of ChiRunning
  • Detailed instructional videos for each lesson recorded by Founder, Danny Dreyer
  • Engaging assignments to practice on your runs
  • Weekly, interactive Q & A Zoom calls with a Master Instructor
  • Daily access and interaction with Master Instructors via the exclusive online platform
  • Dynamic interaction with other course participants (motivation!!!!)
  • 10% OFF the Chi Store

Week 1: Running Relaxed– Using Alignment to Save Your Legs
Alignment is KEY! Not only in running — but to everything in life! Learn how to align your body and move as one cohesive unit.

Week 2: Move From Your Center & Take Your Body with You
Give your legs a break and learn how to let gravity do the work for you!

Week 3: Save Your Legs, Run with Your Core
Learn how to stop using your legs for propulsion.

Week 4: Cadence– The Glue that Keeps it All Together
Find your rhythm! Learn how to use a metronome to set the rhythm of your stride and lessen your effort.

Week 5: Running is a Full Body Sport– How to Use Your Upper Body
Learn how to use your upper body to bring efficiency and ease to your running.

Week 6: Putting it All Together

*Zoom Calls will be on Wednesdays at 12:00 pm EST and Thursdays at 7:00pm EST (recordings will be available)

Course begins October 12th! 

6 Week Course with Master Instructor Support

Inaugural Price: $179.99

*Future offerings will start at $249. Grab your ChiRunning Essentials Level I Course now to lock in at the Inaugural Price!


How do I know if the ChiRunning Essentials Course if for me?

This is for you if you are:

  • A newbie runner, wanting to run correctly right from the start
  • A current runner looking to prevent injuries and improve your form
  • A ChiRunner looking to refresh your skill set
  • A healed up runner ready to get back to it!
  • A runner looking for a mindful, motivating practice