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Running never felt this good!

Get on the fast track to great running with the ChiRunning App which includes video lessons and on-the-run audio coaching from Danny Dreyer, creator of ChiRunning.

Video lessons make it easy

Video lessons demonstrate the safe and highly efficient ChiRunning technique. Discover how easy and enjoyable running can be when you’re aligned and relaxed.

Design your own Guided Runs

This app puts you in the driver’s seat.
Select your favorite Chi Focuses, choose a Run Type, set your metronome and relax into effortless running. Make good running technique your new norm.

On-the-run audio coaching reminders

Experience Danny’s voice guiding you through your workout. Get audio coaching at self-selected, repeating intervals. You’ll be on the fast track to effortless, injury-free running. There is no better way to learn the Chi focuses than in real time, as you run.

Includes a built-in metronome

One of the keys to effortless and efficient running is being able to maintain a consistent stride rate. There’s no better training tool than a metronome to build a set of “gears” into your running. By learning to vary your stride length while keeping your stride rate consistent, you’ll immediately feel a difference in your effort level, whether you’re climbing hills, cruising a long run, or accelerating at a finish line.

Learn at your own rate

The best way for your mind and your body to learn something new is through repetition. The ChiRunning App, lets you control the rate at which you absorb new running focuses.

Store your running stats

Track your distance, pace, calorie burn, and map your route. The workout log saves your run history so you can share it with friends.

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I took your ChiRunning workshop in L.A. last January and we last spoke at the LA Marathon Expo.  Although it’s been awhile, I wanted to report on some notable races since then…

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