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Finding joy in optimal health and well-being

Life isn’t always easy and yes, we all deserve to enjoy our lives.

The question is this: are your lifestyle habits enjoyable in the moment but not so great for the long haul? Or is your way of living creating a joy that lasts throughout the day, weeks, months and years?

The Upward Spiral of Chi or the Downward Spiral of Chi

Since your Chi (your life force) is so essential to feeling good, if your daily habits decrease the flow and vitality of your energy, your health begins to spiral downward. If your habits are nourishing body, mind and spirit, your energy flows freely, expands and gives you the opportunity to enjoy your life fully and richly – the Upward Spiral of Chi.

In a recent ChiLiving Survey Aging Gracefully was the number one topic about which our readers were most interested. From Danny’s and my experience, the key to aging gracefully is finding pleasure and joy in those things that support every part of you, not just the momentary pleasure of the senses.

As I write this, I’m 58 and Danny is 68 and we have never felt better. We’re both really into understanding health and well-being on many levels and we keep learning more and enjoying our lives more. We’re constantly updating, studying and learning to improve our diet, exercise programs and how we view the world around us.

Recently we’ve been adding more healthy fats to our diet, reducing carbs and moderating our protein. And, we’re both loving the results. Our energy is more balanced all day long since we’re minimizing blood sugar highs and lows. We’ve both lost a few excess pounds that were stubbornly clinging to our bodies.

This may not be the best diet for you, but we’re really enjoying the new found energy and vitality.

Danny and I met in a meditation group and our spiritual practices are our number one priority and where we connect at the deepest level. We both know that our view of life and love is at the heart of every choice we make; the way we eat, exercise, work and connect with others.

I often hear people say, “I want to enjoy my life, so I’m not going to limit my favorite foods and I’m going to do whatever I want after work – I deserve to rest and relax after a hard day.”

I’ve come to take a much closer look at my choices whenever I hear the inner voice that says, “I deserve to…” eat a sugary dessert, express my anger, watch another TV show, skip walking the dog.

Truth is, I feel better in the long haul when I eat frozen blueberries rather than ice cream. I have a better connection to Danny when I take responsibility for my anger rather than taking it out on him. My mind is quieter when I play the piano rather than watching TV. And I always feel better after walking the dog – it changes my whole perspective on life to get out, enjoy the expanse of the sky and move my body. I’ve never regretted walking the dog.

And no, I don’t always make the higher choice. But I effort to. I study my life and I’m discovering my truth of what optimal health and well being is for me and for my family.

In the ChiRunning book we explain:

Here are the optimal conditions for running and the fundamentals of the ChiRunning method:

  • Great posture
  • Relaxed limbs
  • Loose joints
  • Engage core muscles
  • A focused mind
  • Good breathing technique

Here are the benefits of using the ChiRunning method:

  • Great posture
  • Relaxed limbs
  • Loose joints
  • Engage core muscles
  • A focused mind
  • Good breathing technique
  • More energy!

You see? The process is the goal! …when all the components are working together, the effects can be nothing short of transformational.

Almost everything moment of your life has an effect on your health, emotions, and energy: your thoughts, how you eat, how you move, how you relate to others and respond to your environment. It all adds up to your life.

Focusing on the Positive in Your Life

The key to high optimal health and wellness is to cultivate the goodness and the positive energy in everything you do and to be super kind to yourself when you don’t live up to your own standards.

I spent most of my life beating myself up and feeling I was never good enough. I limited myself all the time with negative self-talk. Now I have discovered and practice techniques and ChiLife skills that have helped me overcome the negativity and find a heck of a lot more joy.

They are not quick fixes, just as ChiRunning and ChiWalking are not quick fixes. They are practices that can yield quick positive results, but require a mindful approach to keep them alive and fresh.

But, as I often say to myself, what else am I going to do with this life? I might as well make the most of it. And, we’d like to help you do the same.

Danny and I taught a ChiLiving workshop recently where we combined the walking and running with ChiLiving practices and the feedback was wonderful. We plan to do more soon, online, through private and group coaching and via more in-person workshops.

Take the ChiLiving Survey and let us know what interests you.

We’ll keep you posted as we expand our offerings. We’d love to support you to enjoy your life to the fullest.

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