ChiRunning gave me Confidence

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Well, I did it. After leaving magical Esalen, I flew out the next morning to WA state and drove over to Winthrop, where we have a cabin in the Northern Cascades. Without my knowing it, a friend had signed me up earlier in the year and paid the fee for me to run in The Cutthroat Classic the following weekend.

Cutthroat is an 11-mile trail run from Rainey Pass (approximately 5000′ climbing to 7000′, 6 miles up-5 miles down) to Cutthroat Trailhead on the other side of the pass. (Now, what kind of a friend would do that???) Two years ago, after having been treated for cancer with chemo, then radiation, I only dreamed of running Cutthroat. Right after treatment, I had hiked it with a friend during the race, but wondered if I could ever run it; then vowed I would.

Still, doubts loomed and fear set in – it wasn’t just the cancer treatment but also all the injuries I’d had over the last 8 years. Then, through Mary Lindahl (Certified ChiRunning Instructor) in Fairbanks, I began learning about your ChiRunning, and a different way to move. ChiRunning showed me how to run hills and remain breath-full, and gave me a pain-free way to run again. Two and a half miles from the finish I fell; immediately jumped up and continued on, not wanting the person I had just passed to pass me back!

My wrist still hurts, but it’ll heal and it reminds me how much I enjoyed the whole experience, with my metronome bleeping a consistent cadence (turned it off when I was around people).

I finished with a smile. Your workshop gave me confidence and answered many of my questions. I loved the breathing warm-ups. I have many new ChiRunning friends, including Mary and
others here in Fairbanks. Thanks to both of you for all you gave at Esalen, your kindness and approachability – a week I will not forget. Your daughter Journey is lovely!

Yours in running and wagging,


PS:  My dog Ripple Chi-wags at a 200 cadence — thought you might want to know that.