ChiRunning dropped 6:50 off my Personal Best!

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I’ve been meaning to write to you for about six months but am just now getting around to it. I first met you in 2001 when I was battling an IT Band injury after running my first marathon and starting to train for my second. I took your three classes and have never had another IT Band injury again. Thanks.

I have been running with a goal of qualifying for Boston the last two times I’ve run a marathon. Before that my previous personal best was 3:29 minutes. I had to run the marathon in 3:15 to qualify for Boston. A year and a half ago I ran a 3:23 in which I was close to the 3:15 pace until the last five miles or so, when I had very little left.

I then decided to try again and put my sights on the Austin Marathon last February. My training was pretty similar to the year before, except I worked on my core and read your ChiRunning book, and tried to put your suggestions to use.

Well, I can say that your teachings made a difference. For the first time ever in my six marathons, my legs never got tired. Usually my quads or calves (or something) seemed dead during the last six miles, but not this time. While I didn’t quite make my goal (I ran 3:17), my legs weren’t tired. I just couldn’t keep up the pace at the end. I feel confident that I can say your teachings played a large role in my dropping 6:50 from my personal best time.


Kevin Epstein

P.S. A few months later I was doing a track workout when I noticed a women loosening up. Now, I usually do your loosening exercises but have never seen anyone else do them. As I went around the track I saw her do one loosening exercise after another that were from your book. I asked her if she had read ChiRunning and sure enough she had. So, I guess ChiRunning has found its way to San Antonio where I now live. I think the woman was also going to one of your classes in North Carolina that weekend.