Wow! Triathlete with Muscular Dystrophy uses ChiRunning.

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Dear ChiRunning,

Being an athlete with Muscular Dystrophy gives me a unique perspective to appreciate your approach. I’ve used a similar philosophy to enjoy some success in cycling.

Whenever I’m interviewed (kinda frequently lately) the reporter always asks if my results are as a result of increase in strength. The challenge is explaining to them that that strength is a small part of
the puzzle (especially with a muscle-wasting disease) and that form, and how I use the strength I have, is what provides success.

Having recently switched from cycling to triathlon (competing in nationals in August for a spot at world championships in Oct.), I am trying to learn all I can about swimming and running. Your site
was suggested by Terry Laughlin in one of his Total Immersion books on swimming.

Just wanted to say that I appreciate your approach to running, and that I hope to incorporate your techniques as much as I am able as I aim for worlds and beyond.

Ryan Levinson