Wow! I can’t wait to go home tonight and read more!!

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I’m only in the beginning pages of your book (maybe around 40). I’ve been running for years and I found you accidentally on the internet, but I was completely interested as soon as I read your web page. Wow, I love it!

After I turned 40 I put on some pounds and it just seemed to be “not as easy” for me. I want to be running when I’m 60, so I need to get this resolved. And, I’m signed up for the Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon in January (my second) and I want to enjoy it.

Last night, I read your statement in the book to imagine the line between the base of your head and your tail bone. Granted, I’m still very early in the book; not even into the “how to” section yet. This morning running, I did that. Suddenly this thing happened, and I felt it! It was SO exciting because it has to be some insight into what’s to come.

I was “rotating” on this pole in my spine. I felt as though I could have lifted my legs up and swung around on it. It was the MOST exciting thing for me because I really feel that I’m going to get, and benefit from, ChiRunning. I know it’s early, and I’m a slow reader (10 pages and I’m ready for sleep) but I just have to tell you I am hopeful and excited. This, after two years of wondering if running was going to be a struggle in my 40’s. I cannot wait to go home tonight and read more!!

Thank you.  Cathy