ChiRunning as a Mindfulness Practice

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Just a quick note to say “thanks so much” – the workshop was an absolute delight on every level, and hugely enjoyed. Alix and I went for an 8-mile trail run this morning and came home raving about how different we felt, how much better, what it was like trying to think about leveling our pelvises and just bending our knees and moving our lower bodies from T12/L1, and so on. I wish you could have heard us!

We both practice yoga fairly regularly, and I practice Vipassana meditation. It will be a great source of joy, peace, and well-being to work with these principles in years to come and transform running into another aspect of mindfulness practice. And, it’s a great thing to share with friends; I have already given three copies of the book away, and mentioned your work to my massage therapist, acupuncturist, and countless fellow runners.

Thanks especially to Chris (Certified ChiRunning Instructor) for the gentle, un-striving remarks about creating a mindful community at the end of the workshop. That was a beautiful note to end on.