Why I Practice Chi 2013 Survey

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Why I practice Chi Survey

Thanks for responding to our survey. The results help us created programs for you whether you’re training to run or walk for fitness, for mindfulness or to maintain your weight.

The results thru July 10, 2013: 
86%: To stay fit without pain or injury
55%: To age well
43%: To maintain a healthy weight
43%: To practice mindfulness
34%: To manage stress
35%: To make exercise easier
36%: To reach your training and race goals
25%: To enjoy fitness with others in your life
21%: To get faster

Here are some other reasons people practice Chi:

“to maintain balance and equanimity”

“to stay strong”

“to enjoy nature”

“to be centered & balanced: physically relaxed, emotionally calm, mentally focused, & spiritually aware”

“to feel good the next day”

“to feel the spiritual uplift that comes with running trails”

Let us know why you practice ChiRunning and/or ChiWalking


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