While Running, Don’t Miss the Run

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A few months ago, my family and I went to explore Mammoth Caves in Kentucky for the first time. We took a guided tour of one of the main cave sections. The Park Ranger conducting the tour was great. He kept telling us “Don’t miss the cave!” He must have said this at least 4 or 5 times.

This caught my attention. The Park Ranger finally explained what he meant. He has seen so many visitors come to the caves with their cameras and camcorders all caught up in taking pictures and videos that they don’t actually enjoy the wonders of the caves for themselves. They get back home and look over the pictures and videos that don’t do justice to the actual experience of the caves. They missed the cave!

Well, I thought about this with my running. The Park Ranger’s words have come back to me several times while running long distances. “Don’t miss the cave!” In other words, “Don’t miss the run!” I remember Danny Dreyer telling a group of people running at the Omega Institute that while running when he sees a beautiful view in nature, he will stop and enjoy the sight.

Sometimes I catch myself focusing on how many miles I'm running, what my running pace is, or focusing on trying to stay up with other runners around me that I miss the run. I didn’t notice the bald eagle flying ahead of me. Or I didn’t notice the beautiful wild flowers on the side of the road. Or I didn’t appreciate the simplicity of just being able to move and feel the wind and sunshine and fresh air over me.

I am learning to stay present and centered when running to enjoy my surroundings while applying my ChiRunning focuses. So, the next time you go running, remember, above all else, “Don’t miss the run!”

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