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Proven Success with the ChiRunning Training Triad:
Technique » Conditioning » Performance

If you enjoy participating in events, are competitive or want to get started with a 5K, your top priority and the best place to begin is with good running or walking technique.

Good technique is the key foundation to develop so that you can run or walk enough to get into better condition. Technique and conditioning are the foundation for easy speed and better performance without injury.

Other training programs will tell you how far and how fast to go. Those programs can be found everywhere.

The ChiRunning Training Programs offer all of what other programs offer,  PLUS the added benefit of technique lessons and reminders with every workout.

So, whether your workout is a hilly run, a long slow distance run, a set of intervals, or a fun run, we’ll show you not only what to do and how much to do, but how to do it better.

Then, you can skillfully apply these techniques to the myriad of challenges that you will face during your training or during your event.

When you use a ChiRunning Training Program, you will improve your running and  walking for the rest of your life.

Conditioning Your Body and Mind

In the Chi Training Programs, every workout incorporates elements of Technique,  Conditioning and Performance.

Conditioning is in part about toning your muscles and strengthening structurally weak areas in your body. When you run and walk correctly, you naturally strengthen the muscles that provide support – your lower abdominal muscles – while relaxing muscles no longer needed for propulsion such as your legs.  

It is also about cardiovascular conditioning which comes from working out regularly. Injury and pain are what stop you from getting regular workouts.

Finally, you’ll condition your mind to keep its focus, listen to your body, and enjoying the feel of easy, relaxed movement.

When you cross the finish line, part of the “high” will include a clear mind, ready for whatever is next in life.

Performance and Speed

If you have a need for speed, start with technique, improve your conditioning, and speed follows naturally. The intermediate programs include more speed and performance workouts so you can go faster with less effort and reduce your recovery time.

The Chi programs are unique in the support you’ll get to be a better runner and enjoy events more than you ever thought possible.

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