Told by many doctors to never run again

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I started ChiRunning after receiving the book from my very caring Mother-in-Law, Ann. I have had so many knee problems since the age of 25 (I am now twenty eight), and was told by many doctors that I should never run again.

As someone who had played a lot of sports, especially rugby, and loved the feeling of running, I became more affected by the thoughts of never running again. As someone who has supercharged batteries, I found myself becoming unfocused and hyperactive, irritable and not thinking about my actions.“Why me?” I thought.

In August this year, I was given the book by Ann, because she had read the article in the Telegraph. I have never looked back. Danny, you have me running every morning before work! Its 5:00 o’clock and I can’t stop! My wife is amazed and loves the calm in me… and, most of all, the fun-loving manner that has come back to me again. To be honest, I am addicted. I am enjoying every time I lean from my ankles, feel my foot flick up (keep those calves quiet!), and the swing of the pendulum before the brief reconnection to the ground and away again. No pain, just a big, big smile. I can’t say that I have run a marathon or broken a personal best, but then who knows what the future holds? I just know that every morning at six, I leap out of bed, focus my mind and loosen body, and head out the door to greet the world, and let the world greet me. When I get back I feel better, stronger and more refreshed, so I write in my running journal and apply the skills to life and work. I am forever in your debt as you have truly set me free.

Thank you,

Dan Hallett