PB at Walt Disney World Half Marathon

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I just ran the Walt Disney World Half Marathon, and the ChiRunning techniques were a big help. It was the best I have felt running in a long time.

I concentrated on the form as best as I could. As a result I did not use any of the water stations, nor did I have to use the Gu I had with me. I felt strong throughout the entire run, and ended with chip  time of 1:41:30. I believe that was just a minute or two behind Danny.

I had an opportunity to watch the Marathon on Sunday. I was at the 12.5 mile area and I had an opportunity to watch Danny run with a pace group. I noticed he practices what he preaches.

I also was able to hear his talk on Friday at the Marathon Expo, and was able to learn more in that 30 minutes than with the book and DVD. Seeing it live reinforced what the book and DVD stated.

Since I had knee surgery about 20+ years ago I have started with an imbalance in my running, but the ChiRunning helps with the balance. I also studied Tai Chi some years ago, and ChiRunning put the running and form together.

Thank you for melding the two together.