Walk or Run Your Best Turkey Trot

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A healthy and fun way to start your Thanksgiving day is to walk, walk-run or run a local Turkey Trot 5K race.  Follow these simple tips to stay active  and happy throughout the busy holiday season.

  • Make a commitment to yourself to train 3 days a week. 
  • Sign up with friends or family members so you can support each other during training.
  • Think about whether you want to walk, run or walk/run the event and train accordingly. Use one of our 5K training programs to help you learn the techniques while building distance. 
  • Start with whatever distance you can comfortably handle and add 10 minutes per week to each workout until the event.
  • Practice your ChiWalking and/or ChiRunning technique to stay injury-free:

    • Good posture increases your lung capacity, makes deep breathing easier, and lightens your step.
    • Your lower abdominal muscles are your support system during movement. Focusing here will strengthen these muscles and keep you emotionally centered.
    • Practice relaxing during your walks or runs, especially your arms and legs. Use your workouts as a time to stop thinking about all you have to do and start feeling your own body and being.
    • Enjoy the outdoors and fresh air as much as possible.  A treadmill is a great alternative, but fresh air and open skies will lift your spirits and give you energy.
    • Think of moving forward with your upper body, your forehead and shoulders making a triangle with which you push the air in front of you. This will make walking or running easier than pulling yourself forward with your legs.
  • Don’t use increased exercise as an excuse to eat more.

If you can't train for a Turkey Trot this year, make sure you take time to get outside, move, and breathe deeply. When you take a break from friends and family to quiet yourself, you’re much more likely to stay in tune with your body's needs, eat wisely, and reduce stress. This holiday season, make a commitment to yourself to gain peace of mind instead of pounds.

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