Riding a Unicycle

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I would like to share a visualization that really helps me to hold proper form.  The mind picture I am using is riding a unicycle.  I have not actually ridden one for decades, but the physics are easy enough to correlate to ChiRunning.  On a long run, if I feel tired I just imagine I am on a unicycle.  Instantly my column gets perfectly straight, my core is engaged, I have the proper lean for my pace and my ankles lift and make nice round circles.  It works so well for me that I wanted to pass it on; perhaps you are already aware of this, if so then allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me run my first marathon.  I took a workshop from Danny in Orlando back in early 2013 and 18 months later finished the Fall Classic Marathon in my home town of Loveland Colorado at the young age of 50!  Couldn’t have done it without ChiRunning!