From avoiding running… to an easy 5K!

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Hello Vince, (Certified ChiRunning Instructor)

Thank you so much for all of the help you gave to me at the ChiRunning Workshop in New Hampshire. I really needed that workshop, because now I realize that I was not doing the ChiRunning technique correctly based on just reading the book.

When I was in elementary school, my gym teachers told my parents that I ran strangely. My parents then took me to doctors that watched me run in their parking lots, gave me exercises to do with leg weights, and attributed my awkwardness to undeveloped hips and/or knees (depending on the doctor). Since then, needless to say, I have avoided running. Even as a varsity volleyball player in high school, I would only run the minimum require at the start of practice. I never ran for fun and never wanted anyone to actually watch me run.

I am now 28, and about three years ago I moved to Wakefield, MA. There is a beautiful lake there that is almost exactly 5K around and very flat. People come from all over to bike, walk, rollerblade… and run. I wanted to run the lake. So, for each of the last two springs, I tried to “become” a runner, utterly convinced I was anything but. I would work my distance up to 1.5, maybe 2 miles before the shin splints and knee pain set in so bad that I couldn’t try to run again for weeks and my confidence was shot, until the next spring. This year was my third spring. I started slower than ever. I would run for only a couple of minutes and then walk. Slowly, the time I spent running increased, until I could feel the shin splints and knee pain starting again. I didn’t even build up to 1.5 miles this year before I knew I needed to either find a way to stop hurting myself, or give up on running altogether.

I began searching for running books on and came across ChiRunning. When I read the subtitle “A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury Free Running” I ran right out to Barnes and Noble and picked up a copy. I read, I practiced, and now that I have taken the clinic, I feel the difference in my running. The week after I took the workshop with you, I was able to run the entire 5K around my lake. I couldn’t believe it! I did it four times that week! And, I am well on my way to doing it four times this week! I don’t even feel my shins and knees anymore while I am running.

Not only am I completely ecstatic about the ChiRunning technique, but I have so much more confidence. I now believe that I can run!

Thanks again, so much!