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Today is Tues, my track workout at the UNCA campus was this morning.

I got out there early today, so it was nice because there were very few people and it was nice and cool, sort of overcast today. It’s still humid! I did my 15 minute warm up which felt just fine, nice 1st gear, nothing crazy, just getting my body ready for accelerations.

I felt like the 200s were getting to be easy so I upped the distance and ran 3/4 lap of accelerations, broken by 1/4 nice easy jog, 6 times. I didn’t go super fast, but I was really focusing on engaging gravity to get me to fall and using my rearward armswing to hold my upper body in correct position. I think it worked pretty well. My PRE was WAY lower during the accelerations individually and as a whole as compared to how I have felt in the past. Normally I get really winded and my HR gets up around 180 for a pretty sustained amount of time. I didn’t really hit 180 on this workout until the end of my last 2 accelerations.

When I did my last 15 minutes, my HR was around 155 until the very end, and then I started picking things up again, and just took off. The last couple runs I have had this freaky thing were I just want to “pick it up!” and have been ending my runs in what seems like a pretty quick gear without a lot of effort. I don’t want to question it too much (it is what it is!) but it’s pretty strange.

I didn’t have any aches or pains, but my hip is a little stiff which is okay. I would say on a scale 7, which would have been a 10, if I had been really INTO it, which I wasn’t, but it was a fine run, physically.


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