well, this is what happens when you have all-day meetings and a life-after-work: the blog doesn’t get updated on the day I run!

I ran yesterday and today, both during the day. yesterday I ran near the office for about 45 minutes (fairly flat, false flats, some downhills) and today ran with Danny in the Experimental Forest near the UNCA campus for 30 minutes (small rolling hills on trails).

It was really nice the last two days, not miserably cold like it was on Tuesday. But as I have been told, I can just bundle up and keep moving. The cold shouldn’t be that much of a deterrent!

My brain is fried today, so this entry is going to be short and sweet:

  • Knee ache: I discovered that it’s because I do something relatively large number of people do: my foot tends to angle out from the time it’s behind to the time it comes forward (but hopefully always behind my body, right?!) and as my foot comes down, it hits on the outer heel, no matter how much I have tried for a mid foot strike… My knees were a little achy today, and Danny informed me very politely that it’s because of my foot placement. If my foot were really relaxed, it wouldn’t be torquing outward and putting pressure on my knee and then putting pressure on my knee again because of where my foot landed: simple story is to keep relaxed, try to imagine hitting my inside opposite calf with the raised foot, and keep the y’chi forward.
  • I felt good yesterday and today aerobically. The runs today weren’t really super long or fast at all, but I felt like I had a good heart rate and I liked the way I felt when I was done. Nothing to long, nothing too short.
  • Arm Swing: been really focusing on keeping my arms down at a true 90 degrees instead of hiked up around my shoulders when I am on the flats. today on the hills, it really helped to run behind Danny so I could mimic what he did. There’s great power in mimicry. How else do we learn anything as children?
  • I want to make sure that in the next 7 weeks of my training that I don’t get injured, keep enjoying myself, make sure I can run 13 generally comfortably, and keep smiling.

I figure that at this point, I’ve got to try to stick with my training regimen, but I really just want to go have fun with the runs as much as possible. I remember when I first started, I wanted to follow the training regimen so closely, and I am glad I did, but somehow now I feel like I have the skills to know what I need to do, to let my body tell me what it wants to do.

That’s an exciting thing.

Yesterdays run: 7

Today’s run: 9


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