Blind Triathlete has Breakthrough Using ChiRunning

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I am blind, and have been training for my first triathlon. I was a competitive swimmer before I lost my sight, so the swim is coming along very well, and the bike I am feeling good about as well.  I ride on a tandem, and take spinning classes. The running, however, has been my nemesis. I did a little running when I was sighted, but I have been struggling on the treadmill, always feeling uncomfortable and found it painful and hard.

I know that I am in good physical, and cardiovascular shape, being a competitive rower, training 6 days a week. I have pushed myself with the run, and finally got to 3 miles, the distance I will need for the triathlon.

I was talking to a friend that asked me how my training was going, and I told her good, except for the run, which has me a little scared. She asked me if I knew about ChiRunning, and told me to check out I went home and read everything I could find on the web site, listened to all the videos on Youtube, and downloaded the audio CD. I went for my first run on the treadmill, and followed the instructions. I ran for 50 minutes effortlessly, and completed over 4 miles. I was shocked and elated! I immediately called my partner for the triathlon and told her of my breakthrough. I also got an appointment with a local ChiRunning instructor for tonight. I am looking forward to it. I am excited about the triathlon, and especially the running leg of the event.

Aerial G.