Travel Well with ChiRunning and ChiWalking

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Running can be a delightful spice added to your travels whether you travel for fun or work. Travel can also throw you off your normal schedules and routines. In either case, if traveling for business or for pleasure, the Pain-Free ChiRunning technique can help keep you grounded, centered and healthy when you are away from home. So be sure to pack your running shoes and exercise clothes, and plan on running when you travel.

The Pain-Free ChiRunning Technique can help you:
  • Get familiar with your surroundings
  • Give you a real sense of where you are
  • Keep your energy balanced
  • Support your digestive process
  • Help you sleep better

Running while traveling should be adjusted to give your body a chance to recover from the travel. You may be tired or stiff from sitting in a car or plane for hours, so be sure to do your Body Looseners before every run and start each run slowly. Let your body get loose and warm up for a long time in first gear. You’ll probably want to reduce the distance of your first couple of runs to give your body a chance to adjust to the new and unfamiliar terrain.

Getting acquainted with your surroundings will help calm your nerves and settle you in to wherever you are. Running is a great way to scout for a good restaurant, the perfect café, or a short cut to a quiet beach. Be sure to use your smartphone GPS running apps to track your distance and find where you are at all times.

The key, as always, is to Body Sense. It is more important than ever to focus on your body and listen to its needs. A great way to be conscious of your body while taking in the sites is to focus on all five of your senses. The feel of the air on your skin will have it’s own quality as will the terrain under your feet. Really feel your feet hitting the ground, be aware of your midfoot strike. Feel the difference in humidity and temperature.

Breathe in deeply and notice the new scents in the air. Smell is one of the best ways to retain a memory, and consciously practicing belly breathing will get air deeper into your capillary beds.

Listen to the sounds that surround you. We are traveling in Amsterdam and there is a school yard with children playing right around the corner. It is amazing how their shouts and squeals and laughter sound so similar to every school yard, but with a slightly different flair!! Focus on the unfamiliar bird calls, the church bells. Or maybe you would like to get away from the hustle and bustle of traveling and you prefer to relax and practice your running technique. Our ChiRunning audio program is the perfect travel companion while taking a walk or run around town or an afternoon spent strolling on the beach.

Traveling usually brings a smorgasbord of new tastes. And if you’re running while on vacation or a business trip, it will help you keep a balanced appetite, enjoying the new foods without over indulging too much. Running helps your digestion tremendously and Body Sensing makes you aware of when enough is enough and what your body really needs.

Of course, the sights are a huge part of why we travel. Running through a neighborhood is very different than being in a car, bus or train. Running allows you to see the details that you might otherwise miss, the details that make each place so special. Running allows you to view life at a human pace. Traveling can be disorienting and can keep you too externally focused. ChiRunning keeps you aware of your own center and a deeper sense of yourself, acting as a counterbalance to the strong pulls of the world around you. Many people tend to try to take too much in when they travel and end up exhausted upon returning home. Body Sensing can allow you to feel when it’s time to “do” and when you just need to take a break.  Enjoy your travels. Visiting new places is such a great part of life, and even more wonderful when you are healthy and feeling great.


Resources to help you master the ChiRunning basics:

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