Training for her first full marathon with ChiRunning

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I appreciate the ChiRunning principles and techniques that I have learned through your teachings. I ran my first half marathon in January 08 and another the next year (Jan 09). During my training and the races themselves, I continually reminded myself to make sure I had good posture; that I was relaxed; that I was taking in the energy around me; that I was enjoying myself … all while accomplishing something that I never though I could do … and IT WAS FUN!

I have read your ChiRunning book and fully intend to take one of your courses. In the meantime, I have begun to train for my first FULL Marathon which will be on January 17th. I am journaling my training experiences in a blog so that I can show others that this is really a doable feat, and that they can do it, too. ChiRunning has really allowed me the opportunity to believe that anything is possible.

Thanks for sharing your great work.

Kelly G.
Scottsdale, AZ