Track work: gettin’ better!

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Finally! A good workout! Had a track workout that really rocked this morning.

Got there early so it was cooler and less ‘populated’… I focused on the y’chi (getting all the energy to flow around and up in my body, out my eyes, pulling me forward. Try it!). I really kept focusing on my form, (chin down, legs limp). I apparently tweaked my calf on the Bent Creek Run from Sunday and so I could tel when I was using my muscle today, and it actually helped me stay relaxed. I wouldn’t recommend tweaking your muscles to create this effect, but it is sure a good way to know what muscles you use…

I focused on a quick cadence (no metronome, but I could tell it was quicker than normal) but using my arms to dictate the turnover, not my legs. As Danny writes about, it’s so much easier to get your arms to swing in a fast cadence than your legs, but your legs will have to follow suit, so it’s sort of like the path of least resistance.

I thought of getting the ‘wrinkles’ out of the back of my neck – (What?! I don’t have wrinkles on the back of my neck yet, do i? ;) ). It was really humid today, so I was a sweaty girl, which really isn’t much different than any other time, but I am talking DRIPPING. When I felt good in my form, I tried briefly to focus on breathing: 5 out, 3 in.

Had my 15 minute warm up, then transitioned into 6 x 200 m accelerations with 100 m jog breaks. The intervals went very well. I didn’t go too fast, but stayed within the range that I thought my core strenth could accomodate (kept in mind Katherine’s comment from last week). The last 15 minutes were just fine, pretty good pace, no walking this time!… Had a good stretch afterward. I would say on scale: 7/8.

Woo hoo, finally, a breakthrough!


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