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Today is Wed, was supposed to do a track workout yesterday, but didn’t cause I was at work until late in the day, so I went this morning instead…

I ran at the UNCA track… there were a lot of people on the track cause it was later in the day when I went and it was quite a bit hotter than I have been used to (ugh and sigh…). Did my 15 minute warm up and then began the accelerations: 6 x 200m, 100m jog in between. Felt okay, pretty taxed towards the end of th accelerations, my heart rate was up around 181, which is okay for me, but higher than really comfortable.

When I was done, I walked for about 1/2 track so I could get my heart rate back to normal, then about 1/2 gear for the remaining 15 minutes.

Didn’t feel very solid today, don’t know what the deal was. I didn’t feel very open and I think I pulled my right quad: probably went a little overboard on the accelerations for my current ability. I’d didn’t feel so hot, but it was okay.

So, PRE, greater than when I was in Vail, which was really strange. The first 15 minutes were really good, but the accelerations! I think I wasn’t totally focused on my posture, perhaps? And probably because I dislike (hate) running when it’s hot.

Overall, maybe a 5, plus I have a headache. Who knows, but I did it, and tomorrow’s run will be another story.

I talked to Katherine about my random sore right quad: her take on it was that I probably had overdone the faster speed on the acceleration, and that for my current aerobic level/fitness level, I overextended myself, literally. She said to keep remembering that I can only be as strong as my core, so if I am trying to run at gear 3/4 with large stridge lengths, but not enough core strength, my legs are going to overdue their allotted amount of work, which should essentially be nothing. She said to try to focus on my core strength when doing the accelerations and let that dictate how much speed/stride length/lean I allow for my body on any given day. Makes so much sense doesn’t it?


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