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so it’s a day late but hardly a dollar short.

It’s been freakishly warm here the last couple days and yesterday was no exception… and since you all know how much i relish running in warm weather, i decided to forego the track workout yesterday and went this morning instead…

6.30 came early and i couldn’t really go to the track until closer to 7.15 anyway cause it’s hardly light until then… the days are much shorter already these days! it was 48 degrees F when I got in my car this morning. BRRRR.

The track was eerily vacant and lots of low-slung fog traced the track and it was kind of strange running through that this morning; it was getting lighter with the sun rising, but the moon was still on the skyline and casting a glow over the trees. Nice.

My workout today was targeted as: 15 min warmup, 6x600m accelerations with 200 m jog breaks, then 15 min gear 2 or so… Danny was very clear with me that on these accelerations, I was to think BIG and not fast while doing the accelerations. I know what he meant because I sometimes start that darn power running mentality when I get going into the higher gears. Today I was to focus simply on getting BIGGER: bigger lean, bigger core, bigger stride, bigger relaxation.

The first 15 of the run was good, i tried to stay in gear 1 and relax as much as possible. I felt a little stiff which was strange cause I really worked my body looseners today.  I really focused on keeping my chin down (why is this so hard for me?!) and tried to get my ankles high-ish for a midfoot strike. I did that little heel-hit-calf exercise to practice… the 15 minutes when pretty quickly, and I did 5 laps within that time frame. I shed some layers and then started on the acceleration intervals.

Apparently, I have been doing them sort of incorrectly. I thought I was supposed to go from gear 1 up to gear 4 incrementally throughout each acceleration… Danny informed me on Monday I was doing it all wrong! I needed to start in gear 2 and stay there for awhile and THEN kick it to gear 3 for awhile, only slipping (falling) into gear 4 just at the end, maybe several yards or more, but not any distance.

Well, okay then. So today, when I was finished with my warm up, I decided to start my accelerations with the knee-bending exercise, (which, for any of you who have attended a workshop, know what it is and how great it is…) and started very easily into gear 2. Being aware that I had 6 intervals to do instead of 4 and ALSO at a longer distance (Wait, Danny, aren’t I breaking the rules by changed TWO variables?! ;) ) Anyway, I did the first three accelerations with a fair amount of ease, simply jogging back to the ‘start’ for 1/2 lap after each interval. The 4th was a little more difficult and my body was feeling stiff still and my right side decided to cramp… wasn’t the liver-sack-bouncing kind of pain, but lower in my abdomen/intestines. OUCH. After the 4th, I decided to walk the 1/2 lap to get my guts to relax, which basically worked, miracle!

The last two intervals were good, and I think I probably looked a little funky cause I was still ‘protecting’ from getting a cramp again, but really trying to image my one-legged posture stances over and over again: nice long neck with no wrinkles, y’chi flowing from my eyes, mid-foot landing, high ankles and a quick step that would create a health lean, opening my leg stride BEHIND me instead of in front. A lot to think about all at once, but I just went from the top down over and over again on the remaining to intervals and VOILA they were over. That whole interval process took 30 minutes. I didn’t feel to breathless, I actually felt okay. I had a little moment of feeling disconnected from my legs, but it very well could have been the 50 degree weather~!

Instead of doing 15 minutes after, I did 1 mile which took 10 minutes, which was faster than my original warm up, and that is a good thing. Means I didn’t over do it on the accelerations, and I KNOW I was still in form on the last mile of ‘just running’ because I didn’t have a single ache or pain and I felt glorious.

Sure some of it was the high from the accelerations, but I managed to keep it up for the duration of the last mile…

At the end I stopped and drank lots of water and walked and stretched. The track was still quite empty, and although cool, the sun was up and the moon had slipped behind the trees. I looked around while stretching, and to my amazement, the mist in the air wasn’t from ‘nature’, but the steam billowing off ME!.

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