Track is not my friend

I did my track workout today. At least I tried. I was supposed to run 4x600m with 200m jog breaks, but I could barely get through the warm up.

I went after work to the track; the weather was fine but the PEOPLE! There were ‘kids’ everywhere — students of UNCA, some playing frisbee, some practicing soccer, one track athelete and then a small track club, all on the track at the time I showed up. It was a little distracting to say the least. I am used to MAX 10 people around the track, ususally 3 or 4… but today there were closer to 40.

I got thru the 15 minute warm up just fine, though I wasn’t extremely focused, I did finish. I started to get into my first interval and… I felt like my legs were NOT attached to my body. It wasn’t a good kind of detachment… really unpleasant. I don’t really know why, but I need to take a day off in between my runs. I got all out of whack from last week’s funky schedule…

I seriously felt like my legs were another entity and I actually looked down to make sure they were still moving. It was so strange. It’s like people who have had throat surgery, and have sustained a snipped nerve and have to think “Swallow!” before swallowing or they choke… I felt like if I didn’t consciously look to my feet to land on the ground, that I would literally fall on my face. Yuck and scary and I stopped and walked a bit to calm down.

I am going to ask Danny about it tomorrow. I am not worried about it, but it was just sort of annoying. Stretched for almost two hours tonight and I hope that helps my stiff hip!

Scale: 4/5


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